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"1 out of every 5 children in this great nation of ours is at or near poverty that should be unacceptable to all of us. We do not have to have poverty. We can invest in our people and create the kinds of communities that we all want to live in. Communities where people thrive and have access to develop to their fullest potential in spite of the obstacles their parents faced. This is the world that we are working to create." - Dr. Donna Beegle

Dr. Donna Beegle, from Communications Across Barriers, will join us for the second year to help change the face of poverty in the Quad Cities.

Many communities across the United States have found success using a model created by Dr. Beegle that connects people in poverty with people who have experienced success in their lives. This is the Navigator Program and is the basis for the Opportunity Community Model that we are adopting with support from a growing partnership in the Quad Cities. We will match those struggling with poverty with those individuals who have found success in their lives, and together we will identify resources and opportunities for individuals to help lift them out of poverty and work towards building a prosperous community.

To find out how you can join the Opportunities Quad Cities initiative, contact Loredia Dixon - (309) 793-8201 at SAL Family and Community Services today! 

Finding solutions that work to get and keep people out of poverty are important to all of us: Human Service Agencies, Educators, Business Persons, the Faith-based Community, Elected Officials, Workforce Development Organizations, etc. Please join us!


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This project is the committed, comprehensive work of the Opportunities for Quad Citians committee, which includes:  Jenny Garner, University of Illinois Extension - Chair, Bob Babcock - Progressive Action for Common Good, Gail Brooks - Rock Island Housing Authority, George Carizey - United Way of the Quad Cities, Alan Carmen - Rock Island Township, Michelle Couiseneau - Rock Island Housing Authority, Loredia Dixon - Skip-a-Long Family and Community Services-Open Door, Dwight Ford - Martin Luther King Center, Diane Fuller - Greater Metro Housing Authority, David Geenan - Doris and Victor Day Foundation, Rufus Greer, Jr. - Rock Island Housing Council, Melvin Grimes - Moline Housing Authority, Virginia Jarrett - Rock Island-Milan School District, Latrice Lacy - Davenport Civil Rights Commission, Libby Honts - University of Iowa, Marcy Mendenhall - Skip-a-Long Family and Community Services, Matt Mendenhall - Community Foundation of the Great River Bend, Rick Schloemer - Scott County Housing Council

Thank you to our dedicated community partners: local public housing authorities, Skip-a-Long Family and Community Services - Open Door, University of Illinois Extension, United Way of the Quad Cities Area, Scott County Housing Council, Doris and Victor Day Foundation, Progressive Action for the Common Good, education representatives, faith-based organizations, Community Foundation of the Great River Bend.

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